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Introducing….good evening!!!

Here is my first brand introduction!  I had read about this new and upcoming brand, “good evening”.  After having received these precious pieces, I was so amazed to see the impeccable quality of the fabric, and the sophistication it carried.  No wonder Isetan is introducing this brand now….and I am proud to be introducing this to you today.  Size varies from 80cm to 120cms (note in Japan, size goes by height of the little feet, this would be 2.62 ft to 3.93 ft).  A must item for parents who want a playful yet conservative, chic look for both boys and girls.  Beautiful yet subtle details.

Brand concept: Put a little fantasy and humor into “simple”.

“good evening” introduces  fantasy-like children’s wear to make every moment special that won’t pass by with a blink of an eye. Little ones can wear a little special outfit every day, whether it’s just an ordinary day or a date to remember. With style and humor, children can show adults how to have fun with these extraordinary pieces.

If interested, I am already exhibiting “good evening” at aquaeria beauty salon (although size may be limited!).

Limited Exhibition at Aquaeria Beauty Salon in Hong Kong!

To those of you who are in Hong Kong…I have started my limited exhibition of some of my brands at my favorite Japanese nail and beauty salon, Aquaeria on 7 Glenealy, Central…near the Fringe Club (go up that same slope and it will be on the right hand side) if it makes any sense.  If you are having problems with the direction, you can call them at 2526-9313.  As it will be in the reception area, I won’t be there personally to meet and greet you unfortunately, however, the wonderful staff at the salon will be there to assist you.

Not all of my items are here, but they are carrying many including some wall stickers that I will most likely not be carrying online.

4 of my key brands are displayed at the reception area so please take a look if you are near by.

Lindsey Hermes has been kind enough to write about this exhibition and Storytime here.  Thank you Lindsey!

So..what are we going to offer!???

Yes…that is the first question or two that I receive when I tell people about my plan….”So, what are you going to sell…and when is your boutique going to open!?”.

So…here are some of the sneak previews… I have 6 exclusive and very creative designers for clothes and shoes from Japan that will be introduced through my blog prior to the launch in the coming weeks.  Size will vary by brand, but mostly it will be from newborn to 7 years (with a plan to expand in the future!).   Each of them are very different in style with their own stories, some are bohemian-chic, another, conservative yet playful-chic, organic-chic…I hope you will enjoy these carefully selected pieces.

Secondly, I will be introducing a selection of very beautiful and adorable Japanese stationaries.  I couldn’t go without introducing these adorable letter sets, cards and post cards.  It will make you want to write to someone even if you didn’t need to (on a second thought, I think we all could write to someone, don’t you think!?…its more special to write and receive real hand-written letters these days!).

Thirdly, I have some fun interactive and colorful books to share. Not so much to do with the language (Japanese)…but lets your children play with stickers!!!

Lastly, I am also excited to share with you that I have an amazing lacquerware set from Japan.  This is a handmade item that won a design award last year, and I am very happy to be the only one introducing this outside of Japan (as of now).

So stay TUNED!!!! 

About Storytime…

Storytime is a magical online boutique for children offering elegantly crafted and hard-to-find pieces that have been carefully selected for quality and character. Open a world of imagination to your little star and discover the treasure that awaits you at

Launching in July 2010, Storytime will be your international source for FUN and sophisticated clothing and specialty items with extraordinary details that will inspire you and your child.

Our big debut will deliver precious and dreamy designs to cherish directly to your front door. Whether it’s journeying to a faraway land on a magic carpet with their favorite book, or hopping on a carriage ride to fairyland before bed, these are special moments you want to share with the little one in your life. Storytime will be a part of these special moments with style and sophistication.

Wow them with subtle beauty and attention to detail. Give a gorgeous gift from afar. Create curiosity in their wardrobe. At, you can chart the tale you wish to share with your little star.  

Once upon a Storytime….

…there was a little girl who liked to always be read before going to bed.  No matter how naughty she was, whenever a book was read to her, she was immediately drawn into the imaginary wonderland of the story.  ”Storytime!”– she would beg her mother before going to bed….and this became a precious and calming ritual for the two at the end of the day.  Little did the girl know that she had inspired her mother to name the online boutique that she was going to open shortly….to tell the story of the talented designers of the world to her customers….