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Quick visit to Tokyo and a hello from bear from Nushisa

I am here to visit Playtime, Tokyo. A very short trip but am looking forward to seeing what is out there at Playtime. Will post more later but can I just is sooo HOT here!!! Attaching a photo of a little bear we bought at Nushisa. Its made by one of the farmers…loving the retro look!

bear from nushisa

SALE SALE SALE..and a new brand introduction later today!

I have put some selected items onto sale. Please come in and take a look.  As I will be away from August 27th until September 3rd, any items ordered after August 27th (including the 27th) will be shipped on or after September 4th. Thank you so much for your understanding (as we are a super small shop!) Enjoy!

Also…for those that will be checking in later today..there will be a new brand introduction- of a designer based in Hong Kong, but who only sells in the US currently (Barneys New York, Kitson etc).  Attaching a few sneak preview shots from the brand.  Stay tuned!!!

Miffy Dress-Jade FloralGauzy peasant Dress

Some recommended items/お勧めのアイテム!

Here are some items that we also bought and were useful/or amazingly cute(but we know we could talk about most of our items…so here are just a few!)

Dagmar Daley- Retro SunsuitDagmar Daley- Retro Sunsuit 2

Retro Sunsuit from Dagmar Daley. Elastic on the back. We had to wait a bit to get it stocked as they had ran out..but here they are! Adorable!

Cicek T-shirt and pants

T-shirt and pants from Cicek. The pants can be worn over a long period of time (as pants and similar to here as semi short pants). The fabric is super soft and the shirts are adorable (comes with two snap buttons to make it easier to put it through the head!).  These items from Cicek are sell outs in Japan- HONESTLY!

The bird that brings lucky fortune!?

Here is a new member of our family. We found it in one of our favorite stores, Homeless and the card is actually designed by a Finnish company, Lovi. Its actually a postcard and you can make a bird from it. Fun project with the little one. Hoping this will bring good fortune to all of us (including you!).  Happy Friday ;-)

Yellow Bird by LoviPostcard by Lovi

Kids Ink are in!

I just posted some items from Kids Ink who are based in Southern California. You can really feel the sunny californian energy from these fun and comfy clothes. I bought the surfer dress for my daughter and they are just so soft and easy to slip on. Its also fun to describe the dress together with the kids! “Where is ….Daddy!??” She points to the surfer in the ocean…Needless to say, this made my husband very happy.

Kids Ink-surfer TeeKids Ink-surfer dress

10 ways to use Storytime’s Eco-pouch

As mentioned in our previous entry, we send our items to our customers using our eco-pouch that come in 3 size (S, M,L).  Here are some ways you may use our pouch afterwards:

1. Diaper bag

2. Laundry bag

3. Lunch bag

4. Toy bag

5. Dress up /change  clothes bag

6.  Shoe bag

7. Traveling clothes bag

8. Sub organizer bag in your bag

9. Change bag for the gym

10. Snack bag

Any more thoughts? Let me know!

Eco pouch for Storytime

Introducing New Brands at Storytime

We are excited to inform you that through our collaboration with MiniMe based in Hong Kong, we will be introducing new brands in our boutique from this week onwards.  This week, it is Eponime from France and Dagmar Daley from the U.S.  Here are some of my favorite precious pieces! ox, Enjoy!

Dagmar Daley

Dagmar Daley Vintage SunsuitDagmar Daley Jubilee DressEponime

Eponime OverallsEponime Brown Jacket
Eponime- Summer Dress

Here comes BodeBo- first brand from France in Storytime!

Launched in 2001 in France, BodeBo have many loyal followers in the art scene.  Bold and Radical. Fun. Comfortable. Need I say more?

Amazing Japanese Kaiseki in Hong Kong

For our anniversary, we went to Wagyu Kaiseki Den. This is our 3rd time this year and you feel like you are being taken on a magic carpet ride! So happy we have discovered this place. Set course. Not cheap but definitely worth the experience for those who like Kaiseki (or you can request the food to be catered towards meat as well).  FYI- my husband does not usually like Kaiseki but he enjoys this one. The last dish usually is rice in clay pot with fresh sea urchin, crabs..and he shaves a whole black truffle!!! Also, you will see many mini fridges with individual’s names as the investors keep their wagyus in their own fridge (similar concept as bottle keep). Also, you can feel the passion of Saotome Executive Chef when you sit by the counter and see how he works with his team.  Truly A-m-a-z-i-n-g.

Amazing Wagyu. Melted in my mouth.

This is the truffle they used for the last dish. The dish is NOT small.

Story behind the Gingerbread House

Some of  you may have noticed, and some of you may have not, but there is an amazing ginger bread house in our site (both when you enter the site, and in our lookbook). This cake was made by the Mandarin Oriental Cake shop and it was so fun for the little stars (and us big adults) to see (and eat?) this cake.  Eyes were twinkling for sure!  I would like take this opportunity to thank the Mandarin Oriental cake shop. They always do a magnificent job with the cakes…and I just love seeing their displays every time I am at Cafe Causette or just walking by!
The story behind the first page when you enter the site (where the little girl with the wings are walking towards the ginger bread house)…is that I wanted to combine the various stories of what we grew up with…and what children still read today…yes, our classic stories!!! So, if you have noticed…does Hansel and Gretel’s gingerbread house ring a bell? How about the little characters– hmmm…a boy in little red hood…and a girl..that resembles..Alice?? Is that you???

My big thank yous go to the following three women as this would not have been possible without them:

Mieko Sai (++airport)for putting this amazing boutique and blog together.  Not only did she also help create the LOGO, but also the amazing eco pouches, business cards, tags, stickers..and more to come.  What is also amazing is that everything was done in both English and Japanese- ie double the work! Thank you for all of your patience and really putting this all together. It would not have been possible without you.

Lindsey Hermes– who has really helped me from brand positioning and teaching me about social media.  Also, when I decided to put the Lookbook together, I realized I had no clue.  She was there to rescue me and put this amazing lookbook right away!!! I had (and still only grasp probably 1 out of 100 of what she knows) no clue how deep this social media world is..and am still continuing to learn.  Thank you Lindsey for being there and navigating me through this process!

Lastly…yUko who did my illustrations(am proud to say..she is my sister!).  Simply- you are one talented lady and I am just going to expose your work as you are just amazing.  I hope you will be able to create more darling illustrations(and selfishly for StoryTime)….I have been receiving so many feedback on the illustration and I am so proud of you.  I really appreciate you helping me during your own personal time to help me out. THANK YOU. OXOXOX

There are more people to thank…but I will leave it here for now!

Here is the cover of the Lookbook!