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Storytime is on Hong Kong Madame!

Storytime on Hong Kong Madame!

Very excited to let you know that Storytime is on Hong Kong Madame, a chic French webzine based in Hong Kong(click on the above photo to get to have a closer look at the article)!  Doesn’t it make you want to read French?  Love it!!! I would like to say a big Thank you to Clemence! Merci!!!! ox

Kids Ink Autumn Winter are in!

Astronaut hood kids ink

From Sunny California, here are some stylish, casual and fun clothes for both boys and girls.  I can see there being no problem for kids to wear…but there may be problem when you take them off. They will be too excited to dress up as an astronaut, firefighter…princess….Enjoy!

Necklace Onesiekids ink

Happy Thanksgiving!

Just wanted to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving! We were able to get a nice Turkey…with stuffing, cranberry sauce, squash…mashed potato and gravy..and PUMPKIN cake!  Ok..I must admit that I cheated…as we catered from the Mandarin Oriental Hotel (I was too busy!).  It was all very wonderful. Yes…need to be thankful! I am thankful to have my family…health…to you reading my blog…so much more! Happy Thanksgiving!!!

thanksgiving mandarin

Kadoorie Farm & Botanic Garden

Kadoorie Bird
Kadoorie Farm

Kadoorie Farm

Recommended by a friend, we headed north to the Kadoorie Farm & Botanic Garden.  It took us about 30 minutes by car from Central, and we were in the middle of this greenery next to Tai Mo Shan, Hong Kong’s highest mountain.  There were beautiful botanical garden, river streams, woodland…and it was such a nice little get away place to have a picnic away from the busy city.  If interested in going, some things to be aware of are…. you must book parking a month ahead (unless you want to take the chance to park in the other side of the road)…and it is not so stroller friendly.  Do take food for picnic (there are great tables and chairs there).  It is a great place to teach kids about conservation and sustainable living (or even just be surrounded by nature!).  

Kadoorie Farm

Kadoorie Farm

Kadoorie Farm Pig

Kadoorie Farm

Kadoorie Farm

Kadoorie Farm

Kadoorie Couple Shadow

A Happy Conrad Fair!



I went to the Conrad Fair to see what its all about (for those of you who have missed it, no worries, there will be another one coming up in December so don’t worry!).  I was just looking for….clothes…or knick knacks….. but ended up finding these AMAZING CHOCOLATES!!!!! They are called Venchi…from Italy since 1878 (can you believe it!???).  I fell in love with these amazing tin boxes.  Then I ate the chocolate..a..n…d…. its delicioso!!!!  Supposively, they collaborate with Armani or Louis Vuitton and make chocolates for them, too.  Anyway….if you are in Hong happy. Sogo will carry them effective December 1!




Adorable little things from villa marguerite are in!

knock knock girl

Gray-Hot Water Bottle

I am delighted to be introducing some gorgeous items from villa marguerite which are designed by a very stylish lady, Anne.  Her items are so amazing and can you believe this price!?  From knock knock message blackboard, to the various cute little things made from Shokay wool in the Himalayas….just a perfect gift for a special occasion including the holiday season. We have the blackboard girl version..and Kaili is learning to write “zzzzzzzzz” before she goes to bed. Very cute.

Felix the CatDoor Hanger-Boy

Tree@Horizon Plaza

I have been meaning to write about Tree at Horizon Plaza in Aberdeen.  If you don’t know Horizon Plaza, I am sure you will find out if you move to Hong Kong as they sell lots of furniture…AND they also have many clothing outlets.  By the way…I LOVE the Lane Crawford outlet can find some really great deals (ok nothing to do with children here so you will need to make sure they are entertained somehow or by someone else).  What I really recommend is the Tree cafe located on the top floor of the building.  Tree sells wonderful interior (wood) furniture, but they also have a cafe inside.  Great kids corner with toys and books(and a nice bathroom).  If you need some arts and crafts, then pop down to bumps to babes or the bookstore next to Bumps to Babes. By the way…one warning…the elevators could be quite annoying (they either hit even or odd floors), and it could be chaotic over the weekend. So if you can, I recommend that you go during a week day!

Horizon Plaza:2 Lee Wing St., Ap Lei Chau

Tree Horizon PlazaTree Horizon Plaza

Ok- was a bit behind with a bit of a flu here…will be looking to do some new brand introduction this week. And also….if you sign up for the newsletter, you may be getting some special code for a special Pre-Christmas Sale- so please SIGN UP!!! Have a great week!

Chinese International School Fair!

CIS Fair 10 Logo

Just a quick note to say…that Storytime will have a booth at the Chinese International School Fair this coming Saturday, November 20th.  Please come by to look at our items…or even to say hello!  So ECSTATIC and So Excited!!! Having a hard time selecting what to take…..thoughts???  Also, there will be a shuttle bus service as there is no parking allowed…so please take advantage of this service! Hope to see you there!

Shuttle Bus

A wonderful guest…

We had a wonderful little sis!!! All the way from Spain on a business trip. Kaili was super excited to see her Aunt…and Jim did a great job cooking up a storm.  She was busy with work, but we managed to catch up over dinner! Yakitori and Wine..yum yum!

yakitori nightHappy Feet

not sure what she was trying to make… a table?

Chu Chu Train

Ok- now its a chu chu train!!!!What are you looking at!!???
Next week…we have some fabulous fun things to introduce to you from a wonderful French designer currently based in Hong Kong…more to come… but you can take a peep ;-) Have a nice weekend.



Wall ART Stickers are in at Storytime

storytime wall sticker

Sweet and cool wall stickers handmade by a French Creative Workshop based in Hong Kong, Marguerite&Gribouilli are in.  I’m already thinking about how can I move some wall art to use these…great for the bathroom and windows as well. AND..super reasonable!

Sheep Wall Stickers

little birds wall sticker