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A gorgeous baby shower in a beautiful home

Beautiful Home

Holiday Cake

Baby Shower with Hosts

There was a beautiful baby shower held at a friend’s beautiful home.  I don’t think I need to say much more (picture will tell a thousand words, right?) other than how much I enjoyed it and a big Congratulations to Elizabeth(and hubby Hyun Min)…and a HUGE thank you to Bernice for hosting at her beautiful home and get together with friends and colleagues I had not seen in a while. Oh more…aren’t the dogs adorable? They are called Oreo and Truffle (I think you can guess which is which). They were just the happiest, friendliest…and sweetest!

Beautiful Home 2Baby shower diaper cake

Baby Shower cupcake

Truffle and Oreo

Baby shower


P.S. For those of you who are interested, the cakes are from Complete Deelite in Hong Kong!

Feeling the holiday…in the air…everywhere!

Love the colourful decorations everywhere these days.  It doesn’t get too hot in Hong Kong, but the festive season is ON..and it continues into New Years..then into the Chinese New Year.  Here are some photos of some of the stores here that shows the holiday season spirit!

Happy in front of candy

Boy…was she happy posing in front of these candy jars at IFC. She kept pointing, “THIS IS THE ONE I WANT!!!!”.

Hanging with Santa

Hanging with Santa? Hanging on Santa…? Wearing the faux fur dress from good evening in gray.

Funny Santa

Funny Santa~~~~! She didn’t get it (which is a good thing!).

From New York…Marilyn Tov is in!

Carline Marilyn Tov

Marilyn Tov is in Storytime now. Take a look at the sophisticated and gorgeous items..that has a very French chic taste to it (based on spending her childhood years in Paris).  Classic, a bit playful, comfortable….and a bit vintage, too.  Enjoy!

Fara- Marilyn Tov

Bring your kids to work day♪

cookie jar

My husband’s Firm had a “Bring your kids to work day”.  Kaili had an amazing time…. taking photos with Santa (she was so nervous!), painting and sticking stickers on frames, writing Santa a card…face painting (1st time!)…and winning the cookie jar contest! We took home the cookie jar and have been negotiating with her every day since.  Great day…We would like to thank the Events people! Fabulous- Thank you!

Face painting

Face Painting

Yellow flowers..butterfly..and giraffe on her hand. Very happy.

For next week….

I have TWO baby showers to goto in the next two weekends. So many friends are expecting and it is just so exciting to hear these wonderful news.  Just to let you know for next week, there will be a new brand intro for next week…Marilyn Tov from New York! Looking for a fabulous Holiday season outfit? Then…wait until next week (and sorry..its for girls only this time)! Stay tuned and have a fabulous weekend!

Marilyn Tov
Marilyn Tov-cover

Ocean Park in Hong Kong

Ocean Park

How lucky are we to have Ocean Park right in the city….or at least within 10 minutes of the central part of Hong Kong Island(its an amusement park). Warning: Weekends can get quite busy…so suggest going early or on a weekday.

Slide Ocean Park

Ocean Park

Ocean Park

Scary Man from Halloween!

Bouncy Castle

Bouncy Castle- ALL kids LOVE this!

Ocean Park ice cream

After lots of playing…. happy to rest and have some ice cream.

Ocean Park