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In time for Chinese New Year…

Fluffy Hoodie

Some original items from Moi(from Japan) are in!  With a touch of ethnicity (embroidery) and the tassels, these cool items can by enjoyed both boy boys and girls!

Magyar Salopet

Magyar Parka- Gray

Also..take a look at the Ozbek Dress that was recently on a Japanese magazine called, “tocotoco”, as well as the Fluffy Hoodie that is on, “kaji kaji kids&mam”. Love the bohemian style…and its attention to detail!

Ozbek Dress

Fluffy Hoodie

Adorable items from Cicek are in!

Adorable items from Cicek are IN!  Inspired by her daughter, Hana-chan (who is the model here), designer/model Mayuko Sunaga’s brings a sweet and easy to wear items for the little one.  Size is for 90-100cm which is about 2-3T. She recently announced on her Milk blog that she is expecting soon- Congratulations!!!

Kabocha Pants

“My Storytime” column Vol. 2 is published on Milkb!

Very excited that my column, “My Storytime” is published in Milkb again! The focus this time is on Nellystella designed by Nelly Chen.  We can’t wait to receive her Spring Summer 2011 in March!!!

Milkb CoverNellystella-Sparkling Eyes

Nellystella-My Storytime

Sparkling Eyes For Nellystella (in English)

Once upon a time, there was a little girl who liked to dress up and attend  business formal dinners with her parents.  Daddy’s little girl….already began to formalize her long term career ambition of becoming a fashion designer at the age of 9.  She left her parents to goto a boarding school in Switzerland in her high school years, and then attended Parsons The New School of Design, the top fashion institute in the United States.   After having majored in women’s wear and bridal wear, she had the opportunity to join the children’s wear industry and discovered her love and passion in creating beautiful (and cute) clothing for children.

This little girl, is Nelly Chen, the designer of Nellystella which is all about quality, comfort and whimsical charms. Stella means sparkling in Italian and Nellystella was created to catch the sparkling eyes of the little girls and fulfill their desire.  I must admit, although no longer a little girl by age, having seen Nelly’s creation and touching her beautiful pieces did bring out the little girl and excitement in me.  Her persistence in creating something of true high quality, where it was obvious that she had selected using the finest materials and artisans to achieve her dreams in creating the beautiful clothes.  The way the fabric felt in my hands, the sewing quality, the consistency in the quality…the beautiful embroidery work…and of course, her graceful and sophisticated design—there was no going back. With signature pieces such as the bubble playsuit, dresses (influenced by her bridal background), trench coats and handmade flowers, it is hard not to notice her success…and also having been quickly featured by Daily Candy or Martha Stewart Weddings in the United States, and her success in Europe.

So, what do we have to be excited about for next year?  The Spring Summer 2011 reflects on Nelly’s inspiration of traveling in India- celebrating the art and culture of the mysterious east.  She was stunned and influenced by the artisan and craftsmanship in India and introduces a variety of her signature prints and whimsical silhouettes for the darling little girls.  Autumn Winter 2011 is about the inspiration Nelly received from watching the movie, Silk…and about discovering the past and understanding how we get to where we are today.  That is all, she is willing to share for now and we must wait in suspense!

When not working, Nelly enjoys sketching, eating gourmet food (she is a foodie!), baking, yoga, snowboarding or even collecting paper boxes…and Fashion continues to be her hobby. She follows some interesting blogs such as The Sartorialist, Oh Joy, Refinery29 & Dream Sequins when she is able to find time between speaking to her clients mainly in Europe and in the U.S. Nelly also enjoys hearing stories from her clients such as the little girl who was so excited to hear that her grandmother bought her another dress from Nellystella and could not sleep with excitement.  The little girl had to try it on to make sure she could fit into it..and these stories make Nelly happy and enjoy creating even more… perhaps because she sees herself as these little girls with the sparkling eyes?  It is without a doubt that there will be many sparkling eyes once Nellystella is introduced here in Hong Kong and the rest of Asia!

Happy Birthday to my obaachama (Grandma!)

Grandma's House

My grandmother turned 88 today! Its only recent that she stopped riding her bicycle to go shopping in her neighborhood- how amazing is that.  She still hosts our new years breakfast/lunch (does it every year as long as I can remember)…and takes pride in keeping her house beautiful…AND still teaches me how to sew…AND helps bathe her great grand daughter…I realize the list can go on.  Thank you so much, Grandma!…and Happy Birthday!!ox



You can tell how much this has been used!


Sale, Sale, Sale!!!!


Click on above and see what awaits you at Storytime! Great deals from Wovenplay, good evening…Cicek…Zozio..Moi! Take a peep! ox

Happy New Year!


I hope you had a great holiday wherever you were and with whomever you spent your time with.  We spent Christmas in Bali and then New Years in Japan.  I must admit, we were so impressed by Haneda airport and how easy it was for us to travel this time. We will be definitely going through Haneda as much as possible.  Attaching some photos taken in Bali.  Despite a few showers, we were very lucky with the weather..about 30 degrees (86F) which was perfect! We stayed at Villa Samuan and had a fabulous time…the staff there were wonderful, our nanny was great…and we had a super relaxing holiday.

In relation to Storytime….look out for the sales coming up this week and items that came in from Moi and Cicek!!

Bali Villa

Monkey Family

Monkey Family

Pool at VillaJunction at Semnyak

@The Junction cafe in Seminyak. Income from selling these dolls displayed are used for the street kids orphanage, skills training and outreach to kids still in the streets in Bali.  If interested, you can take a look further at

When it rained, it poured…but it was still very beautiful. Kaili is wearing a swimming cap here..not sure if its to prevent from getting wet or she still want to go in the pool!

Christmas Gift