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Romantic pieces from Nellystella are in!

Blake Dress

Carol Playsuit by Nellystella

Beautiful and romantic items from Nellystella have finally arrived into Storytime.  I wish I can share and show  these amazing pieces…the quality of work (the embroideries), the smooth fabric…. you will not be disappointed!!! Enjoy. ox

Ninna Shorts

Chloe Dress

Sienna Trench

Gambare Japan, Thank you World!

Over the past week, I have attempted to write this post over and over.  It has been a tough week and hard to write it without being emotional.

While there are so many views on what the truth is, what is obvious is the difference in the way the news is portrayed, and the difference in the way people react from it.  I am amazed and proud to see how people in Japan have been handling this, and also uniting to help others. Needless to say, it makes me very proud to be Japanese.

What we can’t forget is, the loss and the suffering people are going through in the Tohoku area and the brave people on the ground in Fukushima trying to cool the nuclear plant despite the risk.  We also can’t forget the support we have from around the world, and I am also very grateful to see so many fund raising activities that are occurring here in Hong Kong from Starbucks to so many other events (more to come on a music charity event that will be happening in Hong Kong for those of you who are interested).

I would also like to thank all of my friends and the designers from around the world who have reached out for support….Thank you. This means so much.

gambare Japan

Suvi Ainoa is in!

Deep Navy Blue polk a dot jacket by Suvi Ainoa

In Finnish, Suvi is a girl’s name and it also means “summer”. Ainoa means “the only one”.  Suvi Ainoa is a handmade lifestyle brand from California that does not follow any trend- it is just a simple way to live, and something that brings joy to life.  Something that will not make you laugh, but make you smile. We are excited to have Suvi Ainoa join our boutique.  Enjoy :-)  


These pants are charcoal gray that comes in either pink, blue or yellow pom poms!