Adorable shoes from Peep are IN!

Baby Sandals (Coffee)

Do you ever reflect back on how tiny your child’s feet were, and how quickly they grow? That is how I feel when I look at the shoes by Peep that we have in at Storytime.  Designed and Made in Japan by those who have the utmost care for quality, design and comfort, I only wish I knew about them when our daughter was this age!!!  Popular not only in Japan but also in Europe such as in Bonton in France, — I promise you will not be disappointed with any of these shoes. They are an absolute MUST (and great as a gift as well).

Wing Tip Shoes (Beige)

Wing Tip Shoes (Beige)

How clever!!!!

T-strap (red)

Also…for those with toddlers, we will be getting in slip on sandals made of jeans from Okayama-prefecture soon. Stay tuned!

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