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Birthday Party

Flex studiopink wig


Every year (not that we have had that many to celebrate), we scratch our heads for what to do for our daughter’s B-day party.  This year, we decided to rent the studio space from FLEX (they have great programs for adults as well as kids), and invite her Jazz teacher, Ms. Twinkle..and Mona as our facepainter!  So glad the b-day was a success (both the adults and the kids thought the 2 hours went by very quickly). There were many TWO thumbs up feedback on the finger foods catered from Posto Pubblico and the FABULOUS cakes from Ms. B’s Cakery!

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank Min from Flex for all of her help in making this happen- Thank you!!! ox

Ms. B’s Bakery’s cake:

Ms.B's Bakerysunshine cakerainbow marshmallow cake

A gorgeous baby shower in a beautiful home

Beautiful Home

Holiday Cake

Baby Shower with Hosts

There was a beautiful baby shower held at a friend’s beautiful home.  I don’t think I need to say much more (picture will tell a thousand words, right?) other than how much I enjoyed it and a big Congratulations to Elizabeth(and hubby Hyun Min)…and a HUGE thank you to Bernice for hosting at her beautiful home and get together with friends and colleagues I had not seen in a while. Oh more…aren’t the dogs adorable? They are called Oreo and Truffle (I think you can guess which is which). They were just the happiest, friendliest…and sweetest!

Beautiful Home 2Baby shower diaper cake

Baby Shower cupcake

Truffle and Oreo

Baby shower


P.S. For those of you who are interested, the cakes are from Complete Deelite in Hong Kong!

Hang in there by Toyo Shibata!


On my way back from Japan, I picked up a collection of poems written by Toyo Shibata, a 98 year old mother in Japan.  I am so inspired by her poems and so will translate two…  apologies if the translation does not do justice!!  Happy Friday!!!

“When I become lonely”

When I become lonely

I scoop the sunshine

that comes through the space

between the doors

and put it on my face

That warmth is

the warmth of my Mother

Mom- I am going to hang in there

I mutter and I stand up.


When I receive kindness

from people

I deposit in my heart

When I am lonely,

I take that out and

become lively

You too should

start to save

from now on

As it is better than pension.

Tokyo Baby Cafe with Cicek mother-daughter

Back to my trip to Tokyo.   I was very excited to meet the designer of Cicek, Mayuko Sunaga and her daughter, Hana-chan!  Hana means flower in Japanese, which is the meaning of Cicek in Turkish.  We talked about work related things, but also found out our daughter’s birthdays are only one day a part- and believe it is Hana-chan’s birthday today.  Happy Birthday, Hana-chan!!!

Photo of Mayuko-san and Hana-chan. Hana-chan is so cute..and Mayuko-san…so beautiful!
We went to a very chic cafe in Omotesando called, Tokyo Baby Cafe.  The layout, design, the toys….was as if it took you beyond the sky(does that mean heaven!?)!!!  Even if you take an older child with a toddler/baby, the older child could enjoy reading their books. You do have to pay and join as a member, but well worth a try if you are looking for a cool cafe to go with kids.  Another thing to note is, they have private rooms in case you are breastfeeding, as well as a a few diaper changers!!!

Playing in the Sofa play area.  Hana-chan is wearing the Fringe Lace one-piece/tunic from Cicek with the kabocha (ie pumpkin) pants.

Part of the cafe. Lots of books and I love the interior decoration! I wish I took a photo of the kids friendly menu, too!
Asking the girls to pose before going home but I think they were tired.  Hope to see you soon again!

Happy Birthday!!!!

Today is our daughter’s 3rd Birthday. Happy Birthday!!!!  Time does fly by (but if I am saying this after 3 years, I wonder what our parents say about us!???).

The birthday party was held at an art studio called, Colour My World, and the kids had a great time making a mixed media collage, followed by Storytime using puppets and various games. Theme= Yellow. Thank you so much for coming despite the rain!!! The adults had fun watching them, with a glass of wine in hand!

Many thanks to Ms. Anna Tam and her staff at Colour My World who made the day a very special one. We’ll be contacting you about the enrollment into the classes, too!

Waiting for the friends to arrive….

The place is ready…even the chairs are yellow!

Yeay- so many friends came!!! Thank you!

Gingerbread Man collage that we will be making. Will it be hard or easy?

My favorite yellow lemon cake. Yuppeeee!!! Thank you Anna, it was very yummy!

LEllow…..NO YEllow!!!

Here is the background in making a decision on the colours for our logo – I wanted a gender neutral color and with yellow being my daughter’s favorite colour, there was no doubt that it was going to be one of the key colours (and its such a happy colour without a doubt! ())).

Until recently, she was pronouncing, “Lello” instead of “yellow”. Now that she has learned how to say “Yellow” properly, she proudly says, “My favorite colour is YELLOW!!!” ALL THE TIME ( maybe at least once a day)!

Her third birthday will be coming up soon, and guess what the theme will be?  Yes….YELLOW!