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Birthday Party

Flex studiopink wig


Every year (not that we have had that many to celebrate), we scratch our heads for what to do for our daughter’s B-day party.  This year, we decided to rent the studio space from FLEX (they have great programs for adults as well as kids), and invite her Jazz teacher, Ms. Twinkle..and Mona as our facepainter!  So glad the b-day was a success (both the adults and the kids thought the 2 hours went by very quickly). There were many TWO thumbs up feedback on the finger foods catered from Posto Pubblico and the FABULOUS cakes from Ms. B’s Cakery!

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank Min from Flex for all of her help in making this happen- Thank you!!! ox

Ms. B’s Bakery’s cake:

Ms.B's Bakerysunshine cakerainbow marshmallow cake

Feeling like a princess…

We went to our favorite hair stylist’s salon@private i salon the other day.  Tsukumi-san is a Japanese hair stylist (speaks Cantonese, too!) and aren’t we happy that we have met her here.  Our daughter was initially resisting to go, thinking she would get scolded (of course..she cut her own hair with a pair of scissors..I know..they are exploring…let them be..but do you know how long it took to let her hair grow evenly!!???).  Anyway…as soon as Tsukumi-san performed her magic, it was all fine. Look at that smile…feeling like a princess!


Matti dress by Bodebo…

I just LOVE this dress. Had to put this photo up….

Matti Dress- Bodebo

How lucky!?

…to be seeing a legend so close by!? Bob Dylan was just in Hong Kong.  I can’t believe how close we were to him (or he was to us!?).  What was amazing is that he played songs from different times (including my favorite- Forever Young)..and they all “fit” the same concept. I mean, there was a consistent sound to the songs (am I making sense)…kind of like watching a fashion show with the different beautiful pieces but with the same “concept” and “theme”…it was amazing. Sorry if I am not articulating this well, but it was amazing! And…Charlie Sexton was his guitarist..I knew he looked so familiar (with those cheek bones) and amazed at how young he still looks!!!

Bob DylanBob DylanCharlie Sexton

Concert for Japan at the Four Seasons- Hong Kong Bankers Rock for Japan

Concert for Japan

Great to see such continuous support here in Hong Kong such as this Concert for Japan that will be held tomorrow at the Four Seasons Hotel.  There will be a great mixture of bands from Japan (including Yuto Miyazawa- some of you may have seen him on Ellen De Generes, but a guitar prodigy), to some other great bands from Hong Kong(including my husband!) and even amazing bands that have been flown for this event from the U.S.. Tickets are not cheap…HKD1,000 but they have all been sold out!  There will be auctions and raffles including an autographed T-shirts by Simone Legno (actually, a dear friend- the designer of tokidoki) and much much more (including a set of cozen from Storytime).  This is also an event that is very dear and close to my husband Jim, who I am so proud of for pulling this together (of course with friends) after his recent surgery…Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Je T'aime Japon Bag

Also, these cute bags from atsuyo et akiko will be sold at the event.  We had sold this at a previous event at the Tasmanian Ballroom and it was SOLD OUT! FYI- All proceeds of the event will goto The Tokyo Volunteer Network for Disaster Relie, JEN, Etic,and Japan NPO Center.

Gambare Japan, Thank you World!

Over the past week, I have attempted to write this post over and over.  It has been a tough week and hard to write it without being emotional.

While there are so many views on what the truth is, what is obvious is the difference in the way the news is portrayed, and the difference in the way people react from it.  I am amazed and proud to see how people in Japan have been handling this, and also uniting to help others. Needless to say, it makes me very proud to be Japanese.

What we can’t forget is, the loss and the suffering people are going through in the Tohoku area and the brave people on the ground in Fukushima trying to cool the nuclear plant despite the risk.  We also can’t forget the support we have from around the world, and I am also very grateful to see so many fund raising activities that are occurring here in Hong Kong from Starbucks to so many other events (more to come on a music charity event that will be happening in Hong Kong for those of you who are interested).

I would also like to thank all of my friends and the designers from around the world who have reached out for support….Thank you. This means so much.

gambare Japan

Eric Clapton Rocks Hong Kong!

We went to one of the best concerts EVER last Friday. Eric Clapton and his entire band was AMAZING!!! It brought tears to my eyes (and this does not happen that often, really!).   From “I shot the sheriff”, “Wonderful Tonight” to “Layla”…they really ROCKED Hong Kong.  He was in Seoul last night and I think he will start his US tour after that. I hope I can go see him again.  What an honour to be able to share the same time and place with a living legend.  And…I hope we can take Kaili to one of his concerts one day, too.  

Eric Clapton

A walk on the south side…

We went for a walk on the south side on a beautiful weekend.  The boardwalk from Repulse Bay to Deep Water Bay is quite nice, and has a nice path for the little kids to also ride their bikes in(or also stroller friendly!).  We took our daughter’s like a bike  and it was perfect!! Needless to say, she slept SO well..and so did we (for having to run after her!).

Repulse Bay

Repulse Bay


Deep Water Bay

Big Boat

Kung Hei Fat Choi/Happy Chinese New Year!


It is the biggest holiday here- Chinese New Year! Colourful lanterns and displays are everywhere…and Hong Kong is definitely in a mood to celebrate with family and friends. Schools have Chinese New Year parade..and there will also be fireworks on Friday.  Wishing everyone a prosperous, healthy and Happy Year of the Rabbit!

Chinese New Year Display

Chinese New Year Parade

Peking Duck
Went to Peking Garden in Alexander House and had some Peking Duck!

Landmark Rabbit
amazing displays of Rabbit made of real flowers. No wonder she is so happy!

Happy Birthday to my obaachama (Grandma!)

Grandma's House

My grandmother turned 88 today! Its only recent that she stopped riding her bicycle to go shopping in her neighborhood- how amazing is that.  She still hosts our new years breakfast/lunch (does it every year as long as I can remember)…and takes pride in keeping her house beautiful…AND still teaches me how to sew…AND helps bathe her great grand daughter…I realize the list can go on.  Thank you so much, Grandma!…and Happy Birthday!!ox



You can tell how much this has been used!