My Storytime Vol.4 on MilkB!

Well- here it is. Volume 4 is on Cicek by Mayuko Sunaga!  Love the gorgeous cover…with Esme as the model! We heard the magazine is out of stock immediately over the weekend..and the agnis b jackets that came with the magazine are gone, too!

Milk B-July 2011 CoverMilk b Cicek 1
My Storytime Volume 4 Cicek page 2

Atsuyo et Akiko + Winnie the Pooh

Storytime is so proud to announce the collaboration work of Atsuyo et Akiko with Walt Disney…and we have their AMAZING items in our boutique! Take a look at the fabulous Tees and cushions..and see the wonderful friends from the 100 acre wood.  The movie will be released in the US in mid July…wondering about Hong Kong. Does anybody about the release in Hong Kong!?

100 acre wood friends cushion
Atsuyo et Akiko Winnie the Pooh

Peep…part 2!

Ribbon shoes by Peep

Take a peep at the adorable Ribbon shoes (baby’s first shoes) that come in pink and beige.  These are made of soft leather and make it a fabulous gift!

Ribbon shoes by Peep

AND take a look at these fabulous sandals for toddlers/kids.  These jeans are made from Okayama prefecture in Japan known for their jeans as well!

jeans sandals by peep

Feeling like a princess…

We went to our favorite hair stylist’s salon@private i salon the other day.  Tsukumi-san is a Japanese hair stylist (speaks Cantonese, too!) and aren’t we happy that we have met her here.  Our daughter was initially resisting to go, thinking she would get scolded (of course..she cut her own hair with a pair of scissors..I know..they are exploring…let them be..but do you know how long it took to let her hair grow evenly!!???).  Anyway…as soon as Tsukumi-san performed her magic, it was all fine. Look at that smile…feeling like a princess!


Love, Love, Love!!!!

good evening balloon pants

good evening from Japan are in…just love the design, the fabric…the quality…Love it ALL!!!!

Rainbow shirtHalterneck Blouse

Romantic items from Cicek are in

Cicek ExhibitionCicek Exhibition

How sweet are these reversible bibs by Cicek? They are all handmade by Mayuko Sunaga, the model/designer of Cicek.  She has recently welcomed her son (in addition to Hana-chan) recently, and beautiful as ever!  I am also attaching some photos from her exhibition- you can see the sweet world of Cicek! The combinezon is also not to be missied..with wonderful frill details and the mother of pearl buttons at the back!

Cicek Combinezon

Cicek Combinezon
Cicek Bib

Cicek Bib

Matti dress by Bodebo…

I just LOVE this dress. Had to put this photo up….

Matti Dress- Bodebo

Wovenplay- Spring Summer 2011

Take a look at these gorgeous photos from Wovenplay.  There is something so precious about this carefully made, with an almost handmade like feeling items (yes, the fabric are hand died in the Manhattan studio). Whether it being the little jewels on the dress, or the hand printed fabric…one can not escape this dreamy yet cool world of Wovenplay!


New Brand- Introducing archi from Japan!

Mosaico T-shirt + Girasol Shorts

For those of you who don’t know archi…this is a designer brand produced by Sae Isshiki, a mother and an actress from Japan.  This brand started off with a women’s line in 1999, and in 2004, added its children’s collection as well.  Much of the collection are inspired by her travels and this season comes from the Spain (“Sol y Luna” meaning, “Sun and Moon” in Spanish).    The brand combines culture with sophistication, and we are so proud to be representing them as the FIRST shop outside of Japan.  Featured in various magazines for Children’s high end magazines from Milk (Japon), nina’s to Sesame…their women’s wear is also not to be missed (we do hope to have it in one day!).  The brand is available in carefully selected shops including Isetan and Zozotown in Japan, Storytime is super excited to be able to introduce them to our customers who are always looking for precious pieces for the little ones! Enjoy! ox


How lucky!?

…to be seeing a legend so close by!? Bob Dylan was just in Hong Kong.  I can’t believe how close we were to him (or he was to us!?).  What was amazing is that he played songs from different times (including my favorite- Forever Young)..and they all “fit” the same concept. I mean, there was a consistent sound to the songs (am I making sense)…kind of like watching a fashion show with the different beautiful pieces but with the same “concept” and “theme”…it was amazing. Sorry if I am not articulating this well, but it was amazing! And…Charlie Sexton was his guitarist..I knew he looked so familiar (with those cheek bones) and amazed at how young he still looks!!!

Bob DylanBob DylanCharlie Sexton