The Absolutely beautiful co•zen

I am proudly bringing co•zen to you, a beautiful handmade lacquerware set of cutleries and wooden plate holder.  When I saw this set, I had to absolutely carry them myself as you don’t come across a product as beautiful and original such as this one.  It is a set that includes spoon, fork, knife (so that children can be like adults, but obviously not sharp), ice cream spoon (how thoughtful!) and ohashi (chopsticks).  They come with either a green or red band.  When I received it, not only was I even more pleased by the design, but also the smooth and delicate texture as well as the smell of the wood.

co•zen is:

Handmade using Japanese lacquer

Passed on for generations

Small and cute

To be used by children

As they eat on their own

Created by Atelier Nushisa who stresses the importance of charm in things that are old that continue to teach us as well as things that are handmade, which give warmth- something familiar- like the taste of a favorite dish your mother made when you were a child.

I believe I am one of the very few carrying it outside of Japan….While there has been a huge number of interest on this and with little stock, I am thinking of doing a pre-launch sale of only one-set (red band) before my site goes live in early July.  If interested, please sign up for my newsletter on Storytime (  I will send out the information via the newsletter. 

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