Visiting Nushisa Gallery in Japan

On my recent trip to Tokyo(a personal one), I had the pleasure of meeting Takemata-san, the owner/designer of Nushisa gallery and attelier.  Not only does he carry his own beautiful handmade lines, but also has a great selection of other lacquerware, pottery, and handmade items.  They treated us with such kind hospitality, we had a beautiful time eating his mother’s handmade food on beautiful plates and cutleries.  We walked out with a huge bag of amazing art work.  A must visit.  It is in Saitama prefecture’s Yoshikawa station which is about an hour from Shinjuku and a 10 miniute walk from the station.  Note: cash only.

Takemata-san with co・zen. A bit camera shy!??


Visited with family from Spain. So focused on buying!

One of the many things I purchased(for myself!)…a very cute wooden broach of little birds.  Aren’t they just so adorable!???

Here is a map to Nushisa from Yoshikawa station. If visiting, maybe you can print this out.


  1. Lindsey Said:

    on June 28, 2010 at 2:52 pm

    How cool! I will definitely plan on making a visit the next time I’m in Japan. Would you recommend making an appointment with the owners? I LOVE the co zen set.

  2. storytime Said:

    on June 29, 2010 at 8:10 am

    Glad to hear that you like it! I would just make sure that they are not closed that day. They don’t speak English, so I would suggest maybe asking a friend/hotel concierge to call and confirm! It is a bit away (just to manage your expectation), but I think its well worth the trip!!!

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